Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A Cup Final I'll Certainly Be Watching

For those interested, the Carling Cup final is this weekend between Liverpool and Cardiff City. Many would expect Liverpool to waltz to the trophy, what with a full strength squad (If you class Downing and Big Andy Carroll as a part of Liverpool's full strength squad) and just being a bigger and, sadly to say, better club. However, as seen in last year's final, you can take nothing for granted. Arsenal were certain they would have had their first trophy for 6 years but things did not happen that way, courtesy of a massive defensive error from Laurent Konscielny. Losing out in the final managed to derail the whole of Arsenal's season and within two weeks, they had been knocked out of the Champion's League, The FA Cup, and were out of the Title race.

Food for thought for Kenny Daglish and his men. It's not as if Cardiff have a particularly weak team, seeing as they are pushing for promotion. Kenny Miller is always a big threat up front, Peter Whittingham, who is Cardiff's top scorer with 10 goals, and the manager, Malky Mackay has recently signed a new contract with the club and will want to thank the board and reward them with a trophy.

However the most worrying thing for Liverpool is Cardiff have nothing to lose. If they lose the game they lose against superior opposition and won't receive any criticism for losing (unless they get absolutely demolished) and Liverpool won't receive to many plaudits by conquering Championship competition in what is seen to be, a mickey mouse cup. If the shoe is on the other foot however, and Cardiff win this game then Liverpool will be absolutely torn apart and the whole thing could, as it did for Arsenal last year, completely derail this Liverpool teams entire season.
In short, their is more for Liverpool to lose than to gain. And if they lose, I sure as hell would not want to be in Kenny Dalgish's shoes when the board, and indeed the fans come down on him like a tonne of bricks.

Dan Broeders

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