Saturday, 18 February 2012

How The Mighty Have Fallen

Oh its all gone quiet over there. Yes the two big London teams aren't quite the same as the titans they were in years gone by, oh no. Gone are the days of the 2003/2004 Arsenal, an unbeaten season and strolling to the title. And gone are the days of Mourinho's Chelsea team winning back to back premier league titles. And even the days of Carlo Anchelotti winning the double seem a distant memory. What the f*** happened?

It seems neither Chelsea or Arsenal are close to matching the beast they once where. Lets start on the current Chelsea team. It seems Abromovich knew that Chelsea needed a clear out of the oldies (see Lampard, Anelka etc) and to start a new Chelsea team of young quality players. To do this for him, he enlisted the young Porto manager Andre Villas-Boas at a cost of £15million. the manager quickly set about adding to his squad with quality additions such as Juan Mata and Oriel Romeu but also players for the future in Lukaku and the goalkeeper Courtois currently on loan.

Despite his shrewd transfer business he failed to offload any of the oldies and subsequently, has had to put up with a group of players undermining him at every turn. The teams results have suffered as a result which sees them in 5th place behind a weak Arsenal side and are dropping points left, right and center, and have only three points from their last four games and I don't need to tell you on that run of form, they are not reaching the Champions league spot they used to look down upon.

The other once great Arsenal team are stuttering and have been a bad run of late. After the mauling at the hands of Manchester United and the embarrassing defeat 4-3 at Blackburn they looked to turn it around with a 5-3 win against Chelsea with talisman Van Persie being a key piece in the Arsenal machine. Until the start of the new year in a run of three games against Fulham, promoted side Swansea and strugglers Botlon they picked up just a point out of 9. Apart from a 7-1 thrashing of Blackburn this year has been a poor one for Arsenal. Despite residing in 4th place I seriously doubt their ability to stay there seeing their recent performances, the 4-0 whooping at the San Siro and their recent failure in the FA Cup against Sunderland.

Many fans from both clubs have called for their respective managers to leave. In Arsenal's case i would have to say that Wenger should leave. He still has a fantastic reputation and will be fondly remembered by all Arsenal fans but he will tarnish both if he doesn't move on. However the young Villas Boas should be given plenty of time to rebuild the squad. Chelsea need this revival for the greater good in the future and the whole situation of players acting bigger than the manager came about because of the constant change of manager. If Abromovich wants his titles back and a more competitive team, then he needs to keep this young, ambitious, slighty over-enthusiastic manager.
Dan Broeders


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