Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Live coverage : Everton vs Sunderland

Sunderland host Everton in the quarter final replay of the FA Cup. Here's how the teams line up:

Minolet, Bardsley, Turner, Kyrgiakos, Brigde, Larrson, Cattermole, Gardner, McLean, Sessegnon, Bendtner.

Kyrgiakos plays his first game against Everton since leaving Liverpool, expect boos. Cattermole and Sessegnon who missed the first game through suspension start.

Howard, Neville, Heitenga, Distin, Baines, Osman, Gibson, Felliani, Gueye, Cahill, Jelavic.

As Pienaar is cup-tied and Drenthe is out of the team, Magaye Gueye and Leon Osman play on the wings, also Hibbert is dropped and team captain Phil Neville takes his place.

Massive games for both sides only one can progress after tonights game. Everton will especially want it for if they will play arch rivals Liverpool. The atmosphere is already intense and it looks set to be a great evening cup game.

The game has kicked off.

3rd min : Kyrgiakos concedes a corner when it wasn't necessary. Ends up as a Sunderland freekick by the halfway line.

5min : Jelavic goes close for Everton after a great cross from Leon Osman but put under pressure from Kyrigiakos and messes up his attempt throw for Everton.

7 min : Cahill goes off the pitch with an eye injury, doesn't look too serious.

8 min : Good chance for Everton put Cahill puts a weak attempt on Mignolet which he saves easily enough. All Everton at the moment.

Just thought I'd point ITV commentary is very poor.

10 min : Sunderland force a corner, put to far into the box and Sessegnon's header goes out of play.

11 min : Good play from Everton put Felliani's cross is very poor and goes out.

12 min : Gibson kicks Gardner in the chest, good kick but no card. freekick results in nothing.

14 min : Larsson crosses after  some good play but McLean's header was weak and wide.

15 min : Heitenga clears a threatening cross from Sessegnon but only for a corner that results in another corner.

16 min : Brilliant ball by Larsson but Howard deals with it.

17 min : Freekick for Sunderland after a foul on Cattermole, Gardner stands over the ball, his shot comes of the wall and out for a corner.

19 min : Everton corner, Gibson takes an Cahill header is just parried away by Mignolet, best chance of the game.

20 min : Another Everton chance Jelavic with the header but Mignolet gets both hands around the ball.

21 min :Another Everton corner, the fans getting right behind there team. Cahill with another header this time more comfortably taken by Mignolet.

23 min : Kyrgiakos claims a foul, and gets it.


26 min : Nasty challenge from Heitenga, elbow right in Bendtner face. He's up now.

28 min : Larsson onside, but couldn't turn and Tim Howard pounces on the ball.

29 min : Bendtner miles offside which is spotted out by the ref. Two god chances for Sunderland.

30 min : Everton fans singing Tell me Ma, brilliant support from the away fans.

31 min : Osman creates a chance with Jelavic but doesn't have the pace to reach it before Mignolet.

32 min : Great chance for Bendtner but it is blocked by Baines just infront of the goal.

33 min :  Freekick from Sunderland forces a corner.

34 min : Howard punches away and 30 yards out, Bardsley takes a punt which goes over the bar.

35 min : Awful dive from Sessegnon see Darron Gibson unfairly booked. Poor call by the ref, who only went on the over the top reaction for his decision.

36 min : Very close free kick from Larsson, hits the side netting.

37 min : Throw for Everton after some good build up play chance results in nothing.

38 min : Really great game at the moment, both teams going for it.

39 min : Sessegnon goes down under what looked to be a foul but the ref waves away appeals.

40 min : Ref also ignores a foul on Baines down the left. Moyes showing his anger at the decision.

41 min : Gives this one though, clear handball from Gardner.

43 min : Gueye overhits his through ball to Baines that could have created a good chance.

44 min : Jelavic gets past the Sunderland defence but doesn't shoot, I think he was waiting for Cahill but he should have at least had a shot.

45 min : 2 minuttes added time.

45+1 min : Jelavic through one on one but is brought back for a supposed push, Kyrgiakos went down weakly mind.

45+2 min: Referee blows for Half time. 1-0 to Everton, a score they definitely deserve. Cahill and Jelavic have looked threatening all game and Gueye has impressed me. Both defences have looked strong mind you, it will be a close conclusion to the game for sure.

Jelavic celebrates his well taken goal.
Suffering from this ITV overview. 

And the teams are out on the pitch, no changes for either side, Sunderland to kick off.

46 min : Cahill forces a throw. Jelavic wastes the chance but it's straight back in there for a corner.

47 min : Osman volleys from outside the box and just goes wide, one yard away or less.

48 min ; TV's just showed a close up of an inimpressed Sunderland fan, I'll admit, I laughed.

49 min : Gueye sees the run of Gibson who shots but is blocked by Cattermole I think, good start to this half from Everton.

51 min : Everton break but Bridge marshalls Osman out of play.

53 min : Sub for Sunderland, David Vaughan replaces Kyrgiakos, who goes of to boos, probably from the Everton fans.

55 min : Cahill forces a throw right by the corner flag after a poor pass from Cattermole. 

56 min :  Great chance for Everton as the ball bounces in the box and Mignolet punches the ball of Jelavic's head.

57 min : GOAL!!! EVERTON AGAIN. Really unlucky from David Vaughan. Jelavic beats the keeper buts it's never going in. Until Vaughan scuffs his clearance and rebounds off his own legs and into the back of the net.

59 min : Everton fans buzzing at moment. Nice rendition of Tell Me Ma echoing in the ground.

60 min : Corner from Sunderland goes over Howard's head and Sessegnon amazingly hits the post from point blanc, I suppose it was on him in a split second but even still...

61 min : Jelavic really should have scored there. Atrocious play from Bridge makes it two on two. Cahill squares to Jelavic who takes his time and so nearly puts it in. Goal kick Sunderland.

63 min : Substitution for Sunderland. Wayne Bridge comes off for Fraizer Campbell, O Neill wanting a goal now.

just heard the score from the other FA Cup game if your wondering. 2-0 Tottenham, Bale and Nelsen. 

66 min : Great work from Baines who finds Jelavic who cracks off a shot which Mignolet just gets to. Everton by far the better team.

67 min : Gueye this time. Touches the ball round the player a smacks the ball that just goes wide. 

68 min : Gibson has a crack from 30-40 yards, again just wide. He's played fantastic this game has Gibson.

70 min : Sunderland keep giving the ball away under no pressure, no wonder they're behind.

71 min : Foul on Sessegnon from Felliani. Second yellow for Everton. This time it was an actual foul.

72 min : Sunderland throw threatening position, comes to nothing. 

73 min : Nasty barge from Neville causes an arguement, Cattermole and Bardsley react rather nastily. Bookings for Jelavic and Bardsley, but none for Neville or Cattermole though.

75 min : Cahill earns a corner right infront of the linesman who gives a goal kick. Strange.

76 min : Nasty kick out from Larsson on Neville who earns himself a yellow card.

77 min : Johnny Heitenga gets himself in the book as well for time wasting.

78 min : He then prevents a dangerous move from Sunderland. Everton's defence has been excellent tonight.

79 min : Jagielka set to come on for Everton. Moyes looking to keep the lead as it is.

2-1 now in the Spurs game. 90th minute though.

82 min : Jagielka replaces Magaye Gueye, who's has played well in the absence of both Everton's on loan wingers.

83 min : Every Everton player in their own half at the moment. Sunderland knocking it about well at the moment.

84 min : Corner for Sunderland, McLean takes short. Forces another Corner.

85 min : Claims for handball, you've seen them given but it would be very harsh on Distin.

86 min : Jelavic through on his own but couldn't get a shot away in the end.

87 min : My favourite player coming on now, Denis Stracqualursi replaces goalscorer Jelavic who's had a fantastic game today.

88 min : Foul on Jagielka, Cattermole the offender. Everton fans in full voice now though.

90 min : 5 MINUTES!!! Strange decision again by the officials.

90+1 min : The two Everton centre backs have played brilliantly, as have most of the team to be fair.

90+2 min : Straqualursi forces a corner as Tim Cahill comes off for Tony Hibbert. 

90+3 min : Campbell through on the Everton goal but the combined work of Distin and Howard just prevents him from scoring.

90+4 min : Gibson has another speclative effort, mileswide but runs the clock down.

90+5 min : It's over. Merseyside Derby in the semis. Jelavic scores one a forces another as a dominant Everton side triumph over the Black Cats. Final score, 2-0 Everton.

Also, the Spurs game ended 3-1 to Tottenham and Chelsea won 1-0 away to Benfica.

 The Semi finals are Everton v Liverpool and Spurs v Chelsea.

I hope you enjoyed this update and please give me feedback on how I could improve. 

Dan Broeders

PS - Does anyone else get angered by Gareth Bale's celebration? I do.


  1. Nice LIVE Coverage match Dan.
    A few spelling mistakes here and there, but nothing is perfect.
    You should do these live match commentaries more often, Well done!
    Thank you for a good read, I look forward to your next post.

  2. thank you both and I think I will from now on