Friday, 9 March 2012

My top 5 teams this season

Too much of the time, the focus of many football enthusiasts is on the controversy surrounding the game, this year more than ever. Whether it's a player shaking another's hand (or not), if chelsea will keep a manager for a whole season or whether a certain Arsenal manager knows or not. For me, it's all about the football and thinking being this frame of mind I want to talk about the teams which have ticked all the right boxes and made the game better for me.

5 - Manchester City
Not only have they not dropped a point at home since Fulham in February last year, they have become one of the most aesthetically pleasing teams in the world.  The introduction of Sergio Aguero and Samir Nasri have obviously added more quality and the coming to form of Yaya Toure and David Silva have really helped the team progress an awful lot from last season. They have the league's best keeper, the league's best centre back and two of the best midfielders in the world (no, on of those is not Gareth Barry) and also quality options up front I just can't see the current United team surpassing them in the League.

4 - Sunderland 
Since the arrival of Martin O'Neill the black cats have been flying. I don't know if Brucey is just a massive plum or anything but he must be a really boring and unenthusiastic man to work for. Since the arrival of the enigmatic personality of O'Neill the players actually look like they want to play. I also picked them because of Craig Gardener's shot. Absolute beauty on a pitch if I ever saw it 9wouldn't want to take one to the gentleman's department mind you)

3 - Tottenham
They have come a real long way since last season. Shrewd transfer business by Redknapp, Modric staying and Gareth Bale coming good have made Tottenham one of the best teams this season and even had them down as title contenders at one point. They have the best midfield in the league (Bale, Modric, Parker, Lennon, Van der Vaart) and have been playing exquisite football all season. The only things they have lacked are big game performances but if they keep the points coming then they should finally get one ofver on their North London rivals (who have been one of my favourite teams in seasons past).

2 - Swansea (Swansalona)
A real breath of fresh air. Not only have they kept to their playing style, they have kept to it and outplayed many of the league's established members. The Welsh team looked set to come up to the top flight and then crash straight back down to the Championship. Not so. With their fortress of the Liberty Stadium and their passionate, knowledgeable manager, Brendan Rodgers they have constantly kept up a fantastic level of football which is also very nice to watch. Definitely a favorite of mine and will be for years to come.

1- Norwich
Blimey, they've come such a long way in just 3 years. From residing in midtable mediocrity in League one they have storm up the ranks and established themselves once again as a premier league team while also playing some cracking football. The fast, counter attack football and the one of the two brilliant forwards smashing in the finish, just one of those things which I really adore in football and why I prefer Madrid to Barcelona. Paul Lambert has established a great team and I hope they keep in the league for years to come.

Dan Broeders  

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