Saturday, 24 March 2012

Trouble in Anfield?

So sorry to all my readers that I haven't been able to update my blog more recently. I was going to do a topic last week but a lack of time saw it cut short. Anyway, onto the real reason I'm writing, King Kenny and Liverpool, what the devil is going on? 8 points in 10 games is relegation form and this is unacceptable for a team of Liverpool's stature and quality, regardless of how much I hate to say it.

It was all going so well at the start as well. A Liverpool legend comes bavk to manage his boyhood club and replace the flop that was Woy Hodgson. He then spends amazing amounts of money to bring in some much needed talent (at the time, Andy Carroll wasn't actually that bad, but he was still never worth £35million) and gets Liverpool from 18th place straight up the table to 6th in just a six month tenure and is then offered a permanent role from the owners which he gladly accepts, of course and everything was rosy, for both him and the club.

But then it all went rather pear shaped. Some really poor business in the transfer window (I mean f***ing £20million for Stuart Downing?) and some atrocious performances from his team has seen him come under some criticism from many Liverpool fans.

It doesn't matter whether they did the double over Everton or knocked United out of the cup, what matters is the weekly performances, and no matter how many Carling Cups they win, the fans won't be happy until they get back to the heights of the Champions League they not so long ago, were seriously competing for.

In fact, the only thing that can maybe prove that this season has not been a failure for Liverpool will be winning the FA Cup but I seriously doubt that with the rest of the quality still in the competition, they will achieve this.

This has to be the last straw though. I mean, they were outplayed by a team that were, prior to the game, residing bottom of the table who weren't actually performing that well.

But it's not just this result. they have drawn 11 home games this season and have had some really shocking displays including last week's rather unbelieveable loss to QPR, another team in the bottom three.

I don't particularly like Liverpool (If you must know, I despise them and their cheating ways) but for them to succeed again, they must look past King Kenny. The guy has spent too much money on players with not enough quality and will finish the season at least one place below where he finished last year.

Now to start a campaign for neutrals everywhere, Bruce for Liverpool! You know you want to.

Dan Broeders

PS - Pray 4 Muamba
PPS - I never used to like Crouch before that goal. All is forgiven Petey!
PPPS - Sorry for the quality, not my video.