Saturday, 19 May 2012

To All My Followers...

Massive apologies for not posting any updates for a long time, I have had a hectic few weeks and have my GSCES coming up soon so will not be posting as often as in the past.

But don't fear, I will do a huge post on Polkraine 2012 and also cover all of England's home games LIVE.

Once again huge apologies but I will be posting a proper update soon.

Dan Broeders

PS : Also congrats to Manchester City for winning the League Title, congrats to Reading, Southampton and West Ham for gaining promotion and most of all congrats to Chelsea for winning the Champion's League, a massive accolade to say the least.

PPS : 4 points above Liverpool in the table, good show Moysey!

PPPS : If it is Live coverage you want (good coverage at that) then follow the blog below, he does a far better job than me and also includes everything you want to know about the Premier League :

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the mention Dan!
    It is good to be updated about what is happening from one of my favourite bloggers!
    Cannot wait for your next update, and I know that it will be good.

    I have a feeling that guest blogs will be happening very soon for us.