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Euro 2012 LIVE Coverage : Poland vs Greece

Hello, and welcome to my live coverage of the first game of the European Championships played between co-hosts Poland and 2004 winners Greece. Neither side are expected to win the tournament but the two will almost certainly provide us with an enthralling encounter.

On another note, I want all of you to vote on my polls i will add after the game, Who will win it, who will be top scorer and where will England finish the tournament.

My guess are that the Germans will win the whole tournament, they have matured since the World Cup and will be very hungry for a win. Klass van Huntelaar will be top goal scorer as he was on fire for his club and his country in his qualifying group. and England will go out in the semi finals, and excede our expectations.

Man to watch: Robert Lewandowski. the Polish forward is a constant threat and was playing fantastic for Bundesliga back to back champions Dortmund in the league and scored a hatrick against the huge team Bayern Munich in the German cup.

Here are some opening ceremony pictures.

Huge displays from the Polish and Ukranians ahead of the game.

Amazing display form the host nations. Both shown here.

As usual, there are some wacky outfits on display.

And the teams are out, let's hope for a great start to a fantastic tournament!

1st min : The game is off.

2 min : Lewandowski pulled back for shirt tugging, right decision.

3 min : Greece have a free kick in a promising area but Poland's key striker Lewandowski easily heads away.

4 min : Ooh! first BIG chance of the game goes to Poland. The right back makes a darting run and squares the ball, Lewandowski, knocks it back to Obriniak, the Polish number 10, who smashes the ball goalwards and the Greek goalkeeper has to hit it over his bar. Resulting corner comes to nothing.

6 min : Polish home crowd are very loud, booing when Greece have the ball and cheering when the Polish do.

9 min : The Greek's imposing themselves on the game now, moving the ball around well and harrying the Polish players when they are on the ball.

11 min : Sheesh! A Greek free kick put into the box is headed on by the Number 15 (Sorry about this but all the names are to long and confusing) heads it on but Samaras isn't able to apply a touch.

13 min : incredible! The Polish right winger again causing havoc as he skins two men before playing a high ball across the 6 yard box, but Lewandowski can't head it in.

GOAL!!!!! Poland!!! Lewandowski!!! Excellent ball from the right winger goes straight to Lewandowski and he calmly nods it in.  16 minutes gone, 1-0 Poland.

Lewandowski nods in the tournament's first goal....

...And celebrates in style in front of the home crowd.

It must be noted that the Greek keeper completely mucked it up and is certainly at fault for the goal.

18 min : Crowd are going bananas, as Papadopoulos, the Greek centre back is down and looks like he needs to be replaced.

20 min : The game continues without Papadapoulos.

22 min : Poland are fantastic at the moment. No touching them. Meanwhile Papadapoulos is back on and looks okay.

24 min : Katsaranis takes a tame shot which goes way wide, Greece will need better to get back in this.

26 min : Poland corner........ comes to nothing but Poland now have a free kick..... which also comes to nothing.

28 min : Greece playing poorly, you can tell they're rattled  by the goal. Disjointed play at the moment.

29 min : Ninis forces a free kick right on the edge of the penalty area....has to be retaken..... still causes nothing and goes wayward.  

Lewandowski has certainly met up to expectations, with a goal and causing the Greek defence many a problem. This tournament could mean big things for him with Manchester United and Arsenal both keen on the striker.

33 min : Greek captain not happy as he is bundled over by two Polish players. Free kick could lead to something..... it doesn't.

35 min ; first yellow of the tournament goes to Sokratis, the greek defender. Not sure what he does wrong though.

36 min : Now the first substitute of the tournament with Papadapoulos being replaced by his name sake Papadapoulos.

37 min : Perquis has just missed a sitter. Lewandowski lays it back to him and on the volley, Perquis skews his shot wide. They will need to be more prolific if they are to fully put the game to bed.

39 min : And out of the blue a Greek corner.... Polanski has to head away the first corner for another.... Szchezny punches and Poland break, their captain forces a corner, excellent play.

40 min : Corner does nothing.

41 min : Excellent ball from Ninis forces a corner. Nothing comes as a result.

43 min : Celtic's Gorgio Samaras the only Greek playing with hunger, chasing down every last ball and earning his team more space up the pitch.

RED CARD! The already booked Sokratis is off.

The shock red card decision that sent off the Greek centre back.

You have to say that both those fouls together were certainly not even a booking. This referee is having a dreadful game, and it's only the first half.

Again, ABSOLUTE NONSENSE!!! Clear handball in the area which the referee clearly sees he gives nothing and then after Lewandowski trips over the referee gives Poland a free kick. The Greeks are in uproar. I have no hate or love for the Greeks but the referee has already ruined the game twice over.

Half time and many huge talking points at the break. Namely the sending off and the handball decision. But the score at the break is Poland 1 - 0 Greece.

Mind you the only team in this is Poland and they fully deserve this lead.

The teams are back out on the pitch, let's hope Greece can make a game of it now.

45 min : And we're off!

Before I forget, Greek substitute made at the break with Ninis off.

47 min : Lewandowski with the half's first chance but skies his effort under pressure from Samaras.

GOOALL!!!!! GREECE! Salpingidis!!! Brilliant build up for Greece and a great cross brings Szchezny off his line who misses the ball and the substitute can score a tap in! 50 mins, GAME ON!

Substitute Salpingidis scores the equalizing goal for Greece.

Greece fans going mental now might blow the roof off.

53 min : The Greek captain Karagious deliberately handles the ball and gets a booking for his troubles.

56 min : Lewandowski tripped and wins the Polish a free kick. 3 men over the ball, Oberiniak to take.... drags it wide.

The sub commentator on BBC is winding me up, a mixture of his voice and what he's saying, complete buffoon.

60 min ; Salpingidis putting himself about now, bringing down the Polish full back unfairly and concedes a free kick.

61 min : The polish have been trying constantly to get a ball in to Lewandowski but the Greeks have shut up shop.

62 min : Samaras with an awful attempt, after a beautiful lofted ball straight to him, he skews he shot dreafully wide in a one on one situation.

64 min : Greek captain takes one for the team and takes a football in his face.

66 min : The polish left back breaks down the left and flies a ball in to No. 8 who's header drifts wide of the goal.

GREECE PENALTY!! STRAIGHT RED FOR SZCHEZNY! He catches Salpingidis on his ankle and he is straight off!

Szchezny brings down Salpingidis and is sent straight off.

This could be interesting.

The Greek Captain to take the penalty, Tyton is to replace Szchezny.

SAVED!!!! Low penalty from the Greek captain is expertly saved by the substitute keeper.

The Polish sustitute keeper Tyton keeps out the Greek captain.

This game is incredible.

72 min : Poland's left winger again wreaking havoc but his cross is cleared away by the resilient Greek defenders.

GOAL!! OFFSIDE!!! Salpingidis taps the goal into the net but is brought back as the winger who played him in was offside.

Jee whizz. This game is tense.

76 min : Speculative effort by Salpingidis. Greece really imposing themselves now and look the most likely to win at the moment.

78 min : Penalty shout? Obgriniak barged off the ball but the referee gives a goal kick. On a second view it certainly wasn't a penalty, he was looking for it.

80 min : Samaras demonstrating why he shouldn't be a striker, shoots horrifically (yes that bad)  high and wide of the target from a promising position.

82 min : Polanski makes himself some room before releasing a tame shot on the goal.

There is still time for a winner with both teams going for it.

84 min : Lewandowski with what feels like his first touch this half, shooting into the side netting.

86 min : Chance for Greece from a free kick, the captain to take........ catasrophically bad!

89 min : Game slowly drawing to a conclusion, Lewandowski one on one with a defender but is tackled expertly from the young Papadapoulos.

90 min : 3 minutes of added time says the board as a Greek defender volleys the ball over his own goal after an expert cross again from Poland.

90+3 min : Game over and wasn't it incredible. It had everything! Goals, Red Cards, heroes and villains. What a start to what looks to be a fantastic tournament.

My man of the match : It has to be the Greek goalscorer Salpingidis. He came on and he changed the momentum of the game. Scored the goal, earned a penalty, had a second goal ruled out and generally put himself about and caused problems everywhere for Poland.

My Villain of the match : Wohann Szchezny. The Arsenal keeper had a nightmare, at fault for the goal and the penalty. He was lucky the substitute could save the penalty otherwise he would have been in even more trouble.

Thank you for joining me for this excellent game, tomorrow I will cover the Germany vs Portugal game as well as reporting on the results of Czech Republic vs Russia and Holland vs Denmark.

Dan Broeders


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